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Remember! Lupus affects each one differently.

Just because you read something on these pages,

does not mean you will have this happen to you.

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Before you can be classified with systemic lupus erythematosus, at least four of the following disorders must be present.
I understand that originally
they had 4 of 70 some, reduced to 4 of 50 or so, when I started in lupus 25 years ago, it was 4 of 14, and now they say 4 off 11. 

Do you have any of these symptoms?

  1. Butterflies are beautiful;
    however, if you notice a butterfly shaped rash "Malar rash"  across your cheeks and nose, it could be one of the symptoms.  It may be "shaped" but not your idea of "butterfly shaped"

  2. Discoid rash red rash (or color change on the face) on sun-exposed face, forearms, dorsum of hands.  Sun Precautions claim to have the only FDA-approved spf30 fabric. http://www.sunprecutions.com

  3. Photosensitivity and LupusErythematosus sensitive to the sun. People who use sunscreen may run a greater risk of sun-related skin cancer because the sunscreen delays sunburn, thereby encouraging users to stay out in the sun longer than they would otherwise, findings from a European study suggest--read about it>http://www.intelihealth.com/enews?204529
  4. also http://www.weather.com/health/sunpro.html
  5. Untitled   LUPUS: A Quiet Killer Hi, my name is Lisa Peters and I am a student at Lake Forest College. I am majoring in biology and hope to continue on to medical school. http://www.lfc.edu/~peterlm/
  6. Achy or swollen joints and muscle pain--you are young but was that old "Arthritis" trying to mess with you?
  7. Swollen glands
  8. Raynaud's phenomenon--color change on fingers or toes hurting from cold or stress--"hurting when you reach into the refrigerator"      15 facts about -
    a disorder of the small blood vessels that feed the skin, most often affecting the extremities. Skin may turn from white to blue to red and the affected area may feel numb, tingly or cold. This article includes ways to prevent attacks.
  9. Unexplained fever
  10. Unexplained fits or hallucinations.  Some Doctors waste valuable time and add insult to injury when they prejudged these two signs and treat the sufferer as "another young Black over-dosed on drugs--probably some new stuff out there in the hood". Blacks who are working at the hospital or clinic may put their two cents in--even when they are from the same neighborhood and know the family.
  11. Convulsions
  12. Depression, mood swings that always seem to swing one way--why?
  13. SerositisRenal disorder--unexplained kidney problems 
  14. Oral ulcers--mouth sores/ulcers
  15. Edema--swelling in legs or around eyes
  16. Weight loss
  17. Hematologic disorder--low blood count
  18. Unusual loss of hair>>see  hair.htm
    Extremely tired for no reason Not "lazy", not "yuppie fatigue"--just tired in a way that only a lupus patient can understand.  An average person saying, "I'm tired" means my batteries are draining down--A Lupus patient, saying, "I'm tired" means that her plug has been pulled--there ain't no more power--no more juice.  If you are on the job or at college, you need a safe place where you can get a short rest and be back on your feet.   At home, get to bed.  Rest is the best treatment.
  19. Yes, Chronic  fatigue syndrome (CFS) can wear you out and be extremely devastating and incapacitating; however, when you have Lupus you have the full measure of CFS's devastation and incapacitation plus a life threatening combination of everything under the sun, including the sun and it's photosensitivity.

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Recent research shows a link to conditions that cause abnormally low blood pressure. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Fact Sheet <<read about it
    We all get tired; most of us at times have felt depressed. But the enigma known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is not the ups and downs we experience in everyday life.

  20. Repeated miscarriages

  21. False/positive syphilis test.  If you have taken a blood test and been told that you have syphilis and you are sure beyond any doubt that you do not have syphilis, then you may have lupus, a bad disease that can trick the blood test.
    Many lupus patients have had this false/positive test report. A greater problem and insult arises when you are a young black girl * the statistics say, "...most syphilis cases occur in black populations" * your doctor influenced by statistics, believes the test * your parents and pastor want to believe you but have doubts * the social stigma of veneral disease stops you from talking about it--so you play it safe and take the penicillin if you are not allergic to it.
    If you were right and it was a
    false/positive for syphillis, it may have signaled that you may have lupus and lost valuable time in delayed diagnosis and treatment. The July 17th '98 issue of the Science Journal reports that Doctors now have new diagnostic tests for syphilis.

  22. Abdominal pain

  23. Chest pain with deep breathing

  24. Persistent Pain Is Felt Universally   Pain is among the most common and the most personally compelling reasons for seeking medical attention. People seek health care for pain not only for diagnostic evaluation and symptom relief, but also because pain interferes with daily activities, causes worry and emotional distress, and undermines confidence in one's health. When pain persists for weeks or months, its broader effects on well-being can be profound. Psychological health and performance of social responsibilities in work and family life can be significantly impaired. Invisible Symptoms. This is a true story .. 21 Oct 98

  25. Click on another site on symptoms. http://www.lupusny.org/news2.htm  
    Symptoms according to H. Michael Belmont, M.D. Medical Director, Hospital for Joint Diseases

  26. What other body language and signs told you that something was wrong? E-mail me at lupus@gate.net 
    Please Tell Other Black Women About The Symptoms Of Lupus  

  27. Primary- Care Doctors and/or gynecologists don't routinely screen for lupus, even when women do make their symptoms known>>read more at http://www.lupusny.org/news2.htm


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